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  1. DaleTibbils
    2020-03-26 @ 10:10 AM

    I’m, writing a historical fiction novel on Seattle. After searching more sites than I can name I find it impossible to pin down consistent dates for creation of the Seattle Coal Co and Seattle Coal and Transportation Co. For SC&T I find dates of 1870 and 1872.For SCC I have both 1870 and 1871. Can you provide me any websites I might get a set of meaningful dates. I’m in San Jose, grew up in Renton, soon-line is my best option–especially right now with libraries all closed.
    I’ve tried jstor, chronological history of Seattle, Bagley’s memoirs, historylink, Wikipedia, and local history links for towns.


    • Matt McCauley
      2020-03-26 @ 2:39 PM

      SC&T Cert of Incorp

      Hi Dale, SC&T was incorporated in San Francisco in 1871. My co-moderator here Kent actually managed to locate a copy of the original filing, linked here for your review and to download should you want a copy.

      The Seattle Coal Co. was incorporated on January 31, 1870. I am emailing you a pdf of those incorporation documents.


  2. Kent Sullivan
    2020-03-27 @ 1:35 PM

    Hi Dale–I am happy to provide more info as well. A research group that Matt and I are part of (sponsored by the Newcastle Historical Society) have a TON of info.


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