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  1. Kirk H Taylor
    2023-06-18 @ 7:53 PM

    I have just found your site. As a child, I lived in Kirkland from 1949-1951 and attended the grades 1 and 2 school there.

    I am searching for an old map, trying to find my “neighborhood”. My address was 950 5th Avenue. I remember walking up Central past the Park on the right. At 6th Street there was a jog, I think, and 5th Avenue began. It was a single lane dirt road. Our house was the last (2nd) on the left with the Entwhistles across the street and the Smiths near 6th street. A path continued up the hill to 2 abandoned cabins, where I played Cowboys. After that was the railroad track, where I watched the steam trains when I could. Our phone number was 2431, then 22-2431 when they put in dial phones.

    I remember the Central Theater on the right side heading into town. I saw “Wizard of Oz” there, alone, scared to death of the green witch. Also the Sprouse-Reitz store at the end of Central, which burned in 1950(?). I rode the ferry to Seattle and I believe I still have a couple of ferry pictures taken by my grandparents, in case you’re interested. Jetboat races on the Lake… names like Miss Pepsi and Slo-Mo4.

    Pardon the rambling.

    Kirk Taylor


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